What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Missing and What to Do About It

Based on a survey conducted, it is estimated that 63.1% of the world’s population is an internet user. However, 59.7% of them are frequent social media users. This reflects that you have a large audience to market your brand to.   

However, you have an alarming situation if you aren’t getting results from your digital marketing strategy. You need to readjust and look back again into the strategies and set the ground again to market your brand and business digitally. 

Tracking what’s wrong with your strategy isn’t easy. That’s why we are here to mention what basics of marketing strategy you are missing and what you can do about it. 

Read till the end and apply the suggested solutions to lead your business to the next level. 

What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Missing and What to Do About It

Define Your Goal 

The foremost aspect we’ll look over in our digital marketing strategy is the lack of planning. We execute before planning and analyzing of targeted audience, while the right way is to do it the other way around. 

You need to define the goal you want to achieve with your website, landing page, or ad campaign. In most cases, it’s selling, subscribing and sharing. 

However, many businesses are also on the hunt for new customers or clients, better leads, or getting brand recognition. Pick one of your goals to set a sound digital marketing strategy. 

Defining goals is not only important to carry out the desired result but also bridges your brand to the long-term viability and keeps you focused. A study shows that your chances of growing the business and making it twice as successful are 30% higher if you define a goal. 

Key Factors to Remember When Defining Digital Marketing Goals 

Keep in mind a few factors when defining the goals of your online marketing strategy. These factors include: 

  • S: Specific (be certain of the figures you want to achieve)
  • M: Measurable (take calculated risks and define the budget) 
  • A: Attainable (goals need to be factual and standing on practicality) 
  • R: Relevant (industry-specific and portraying your business) 
  • T: Time Bound (a set deadline needs to be your priority) 


Competitor Analysis  

If you already have a goal and are working on it and still your needles are not moving, you might be missing out on practicality and overlooking the competition. 

Research the market and keep an eye on your competitors. Perhaps they’ve been leading the industry and generating good results with calculated marketing strategies. 

This competitor analysis will navigate you to opt for the right digital marketing strategy and will help you know their strengths and weaknesses. It will also give insights into the market gaps. 

Deeming down with your competitor, you can get to know where you are missing out. 

Probably, everything’s alright with your digital marketing strategy, but your competitor or his brand has better potential, and it’s challenging to beat him off. 

In that case, you need to set a perfect strategy to outrank your competitor. And below, you’ll find some tips for doing so. 

Practical Tips to Outrank Your Competitor

  • Be innovative with your landing pages, ads, or online channels 
  • Know the history of your client – probably there’s a mistake you can learn and take lessons from
  • Keep an eye on his moves and strategies and track his progress 
  • Build a relationship with your competitor to keep the competition healthy 
  • Show care to your customer and back them with your support system 

Apply these practical tips since competitor analysis and outranking your competition might open new opportunities for your business. 

Optimize Customer Experience

Sometimes, the problem is in the details, and that might be the case with your online marketing planning. The reason your digital marketing strategy is failing could be a poorly designed interface of your landing page.

Customers bounce back if the speed of your site is slow or the page is unresponsive. Your site should load within two to three seconds, which is an ideal time for loading.

This loading time frame is crucial if you are an eCommerce business. According to a study, 40% of customers bounce back if it takes longer than three seconds to access your website.

Other than the speed, you might not be paying attention to the interface of your landing page – if that’s a website.

It might not have clear instructions or guidelines to navigate your user to your desired goal. 
Sit with your team to discuss the design again if you believe it can be a cause of your digital marketing strategy not working. You can also study heat maps with the help of designers.

If needed, we also suggest you revamp your interface and optimize your sales funnel to increase your conversion and make your internet marketing strategy successful. 

What Does a Smooth Interface Looks Like? 

Your customers need a smooth interface to take action on your set goal. So, below we have described what a smooth interface consists of:

  • The load time of the website is quick
  • Responsiveness of the landing page is commendable 
  • The navigation is simple and easy to follow
  • Information on the interface is straightforward and valuable 
  • Options on the landing page are accessible 

Make your interface smooth to satisfy your customer needs and make your digital marketing strategy worth it. 

Value Customers Should Get 

One of the primary aspects of digital marketing strategy is valuing customers. In designing and planning a strategy, your focus should be your customer.

Since you’re designing landing pages and running marketing campaigns for them. So, your strategy should be made keeping in mind how you can provide value to them.

A lot of brands overlook their customers.

All they speak about is themselves and how far they have come. Although this is a good strategy and a story of your brand establishment would engage and connect them, this might not drive results in the long run.

Your product or service page should have a clear and concise message of what your product holds for your customer. Answer how it will make their life better, simpler, and easier before they ask you – or probably bounce before asking. 

A study shows that 74% of customers get annoyed if a website doesn’t consist of personalization. It goes without saying that this is human nature and one of the reasons digital marketing strategies fail. 

What Additionals and Value Can You Offer Your Customer? 

Going the extra mile for your customer will always pay you back – twice. So, make sure you value them. You can offer them the following: 

  • Free shipping
  • Discounts
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • A small gift 

If you are a startup and cannot do that initially, satisfy them with: 

  • Thank you note 
  • Telling them that you are working on their feedback 
  • Keep an engaging follow-up through emails
  • Walk them through your journey and be honest with them

A Set Deadline 

Running in a race without a finish line never brings up a winner. The same goes for digital marketing strategies. To make it impactful and result-oriented, you must set a deadline.

We have seen businesses and brands running their ad campaigns without deadlines. Or selling a product at a discounted price every day of the year.

Not only do these shortcomings make you and your product invaluable, but ordinary in the long run. Select a time frame for a particular digital marketing strategy to work and generate results. 

Discuss and implement your time frame strategically with your team. This deadline can be short or long depending on your business goals, but its value is indispensable. 

This way, you can evaluate the results after a certain deadline when your campaign runs out. Based on this, you can commence another ad to perform better and conquer. 

However, if it’s a website, you can study the user behavior report. 


Today, we discussed digital marketing strategies and presented possible solutions so you can work on them. Firstly, you should analyze your goal to know the right direction to move. 

Perform competitor analysis if you haven’t done it yet. Since customers attract to a product or service when there’s something for them, you should offer something additional. 

Lastly, set a deadline for your campaign or the discount you offer to keep your product or service valuable. Analyze your marketing strategies and ensure you are not missing the aforementioned ones to attain digital success.

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