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If you want to hire BPO experts to help you achieve speedy growth, VinnCorp is your one-stop shop. Our team of experts meets you to understand your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) requirements and goals; then they provide you with experts matching your requirements. Equipped with years of experience and a proven track record, we save operational costs and allow you to focus on innovation and scalability.
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We take immense pride in ensuring our clients’ satisfaction when they partner with VinnCorp for Business Process Outsourcing services – a trusted outsourcing solution. Our team of dedicated experts is committed to serving our clients and ensuring a seamless journey towards success. Collaborate with us and expedite your business growth and innovation through our top-notch BPO services.

Services We Offer

Lead Generation

Appointment Setting


B2B Email Marketing

Customer Support

Lead Generation

Supercharge your business growth with VinnCorp's exclusive lead generation process in BPO. We deliver unparalleled results, serving as your go-to BPO leads provider for a steady stream of qualified leads that not only respond but book for over six months.

Appointment Setting

Hire BPO experts to elevate your outreach strategy with VinnCorp's expertise in appointment setting. Our pre-vetted experts secure valuable appointments and create meaningful connections that last for long years.


Drive results through your marketing efforts with VinnCorp's comprehensive BPO marketing services. Our strategic approach includes cutting-edge BPO digital marketing and result-driven inbound marketing BPO strategies, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive market.

B2B Email Marketing

Build powerful connections in the business industry through VinnCorp's impactful B2B email marketing services. Our expertise provides seamless email support BPO, ensuring your communication channels are optimized for success.

Customer Support

At VinnCorp, we redefine customer support through our dedicated customer support BPO services. We ensure your customers receive unparalleled assistance, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty through:
  • Live Chat Support: Our expert team provides real-time assistance, turning every interaction into an opportunity to impress and engage your audience.
  • Live Email Support: We don't just address queries; we build relationships through prompt and personalized email interactions, building you as a brand.
  • Live Call Support: Hire BPO experts from us to handle inquiries with efficiency and empathy and leave a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Industries We Serve

Dental / HealthCare BPO

We offer back-office services for reaching out to your current and potential clients to fill your dental office / healthcare calendar and to bring in new clients. We take care of your dental outreach program to maximize your client retention and new referrals. We also offer a dedicated dentist answering service that handles every call professionally.


Maximize efficiency and reduce costs with our specialized manufacturing BPO services. From optimizing processes to managing workflows, our manufacturing BPO outsourcing solutions propel your business toward unmatched productivity and growth.

E-commerce / Amazon

Partner with VinnCorp for top-tier e-commerce customer support services. Our commitment to customer service and support in e commerce ensures your brand stands out, driving customer loyalty and exponential growth on platforms like Amazon.

Real Estate

Unlock the true potential of your real estate business with VinnCorp's comprehensive real estate BPO solution. Our real estate BPO services streamline operations, enhance client experiences, and provide you with a competitive edge in the market.

Logistics & Transportation

Confidently handle the complexities of logistics with VinnCorp's logistics BPO services. We offer a strategic advantage, optimizing your processes and ensuring seamless operations. Trust us, for we are one of the top logistics BPO outsourcing companies in the USA.

Travel & Leisure

Enhance your customer experiences with VinnCorp's specialized travel BPO services. Our dedicated teams manage every aspect of your BPO travel account, ensuring travelers receive exceptional service, leading to increased satisfaction and repeat business.


From providing comprehensive SaaS technical support to outsourcing your entire customer service operation, we empower your team to focus on innovation while we handle the support intricacies. Outsource with confidence, knowing your customers are in capable hands.

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VinnCorp is Headquartered in California, USA. A platform that provides the finest remote talent to cutting-edge businesses and entrepreneurs. We have provided awesome IT experts to 70+ satisfied clients worldwide. Here is what our clients are saying about us.

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